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How important is choosing the right name for your business?

Naming is critically important – it can make marketing your business very expensive or very cost effective. Establishing a brand name early on and then needing to change it downstream only increases the cost of marketing your company. The challenge these days with naming is also finding an available URL – more difficult than finding a name. It’s also critical to evaluate your name for global use – or you will need to rebrand in other countries because your company name is insulting, confusing or otherwise a poor choice for a favorable impression in that country.

If you haven’t done any branding exercises I suggest you take the time to determine what your brand values should be and what that means for your brand “personality.” It might seem fluffy to spend time on this but the exercise will help you determine the type of name you should have (descriptive vs. made up). It also serves to rally your team and makes it easier to make other decisions related to the look and feel of your marketing materials.

Below are some tools you can use to help with this based on a fictional travel company:

Brand Statement
For international travelers who want to simplify the time investment in logistics planning for complex vacations while ensuring optimal travel experiences[target], {company name} is the first provider to deliver a one stop travel site to plan, optimize, organize, book and experience international travel [competitive frame] that leverages in depth, travel expert tested itinerary templates and best available pricing through consolidator partnerships [points of difference] to deliver an effortless experience before, during and after the trip[target’s goal].

Brand Attributes

Our expert designed and tested itinerary templates take all the work out of planning international travel especially for multi-city travel.


Our full-time travel experts constantly review and optimize our itineraries to ensure that you will have a memorable travel experience making the most of every destination.


We offer a single point solution to research, plan, book, organize, enjoy and share your vacations. Our in-country support is there to help you should there be any unexpected hiccup in your travel arrangements.


We utilize local travel experts in every region of the world to design the optimal travel experience for the new traveler to the locale


Our travel itinerary templates provide a baseline for travelers to customize their own vacations. We actively listen to customer feedback to continually improve and expand our itineraries.


Our comprehensive travel planning solutions integrates all your travel components into one booking engine including all the travel documents you need for your trip effortlessly saved to your mobile device.

Value Proposition
{company name}is the most complete, simple and value oriented solution for planning, booking, optimizing and experiencing a vacation. {company name} delivers expert recommended, consumer endorsed vacation itineraries from the weekend getaway to a long holiday for the trip of a lifetime where ever you choose to go.

Customer Promise
{company name} ensures an effortless experience planning, booking and enjoying your vacation . We take the time and effort out of realizing your perfect trip- you won’t miss one important highlight on your vacation.

And once you’ve decided on a name or a group of names consider using Feedback Army to test customer appeal for the name.  And lastly be sure to use a good Trademark Search firm to make sure your name is available in every country you want to use it.

Good luck finding the perfect name for your business!

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