The Innovation Culture – it’s all about taking risk and being willing to learn from your mistakes

A friend recently recommended a book she had read that explained something I had noticed about seemingly two different groups of people.   The book is entitled, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” by Carol Dweck, a world renown professor at […]

How important is choosing the right name for your business?

Naming is critically important – it can make marketing your business very expensive or very cost effective. Establishing a brand name early on and then needing to change it downstream only increases the cost of marketing your company. The challenge […]

The Values Trap: Four things Values might do for your company…and four things they won’t

Along with the popular chorus that “Culture beats strategy,”we’ve seen a resurgence in interest in corporate values, based on the observation that values and culture go hand in hand. So in the triune of Corporate Mission, Vision and Values, it […]

Beware stealth mode companies when timing your market entry

Think you have a great idea for a new product? Chances are that someone else has it, too. How do you avoid squandering your market leadership position? We meet with many entrepreneurs, most of whom think they have the next […]