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Rapid Launch and Repositioning of Online Advertising Service

Initially launched, then repositioned service with different vertical market to increase revenue opportunity.

The Challenge:

A competitor's service solution was undermining the market position of this leading developer of solutions for online advertising. The company wanted to attract the next tier of customers and establish a block to its competitor. To achieve parity with this competitor's service-based solution, a very short window of opportunity was available.

The Solution:

Within 60 days, Vision & Execution marketing consultants defined the positioning and benefits of a Web-based implementation of the software solution. The team developed a collateral system -- brochures, data sheets, FAQs, Web site copy, and sales tools -- and trained the software-focused sales representatives and sales engineers on service selling.

Shortly thereafter, the Vision & Execution marketing consultants identified the opportunity to expand the new service through another vertical market that represented significantly higher volume. Through customer research, Vision & Execution identified and prioritized customer requirements to successfully penetrate this new vertical market. The team recommended a technology acquisition strategy, and identified a prospective partner that could satisfy time-to-market and customer requirements. The team redesigned the collateral system to effectively reposition the service in the new vertical.

The Benefits:

The combined effects of the two approaches resulted in rapid customer growth reaching 40 corporate customers in less than 6 months.
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