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Crowdsourcing Product Development (PDF)
A new framework for innovation that leverages the entire organization and ecosystem to enrich ideation and expedite the product development process. This framework also lists a number of tools and services for opening the organization to customers and external experts to enhance the creation of new ideas and reduces time to market.
Strategy Portfolio
A strategy portfolio is an important strategic marketing tool that can help make your company an agile competitor while keeping you focused on your long term corporate and marketing strategy. Developing your strategy portfolio is an important step in creating and maintaining a consistent vision of your company's mission and its strategic options.
Creating a Sales Strategy and Process (PDF)
A checklist to help you create an effective sales strategy and process to ramp customer acquisitions. Ask yourself if you:
  • Can leverage your current process or need to start fresh?
  • Understand the buying behavior of your target industries/segments?
  • Understand the selling behavior and motivations of your preferred channels?
  • Can afford your sales strategy and process?
Industry Survey, After Internet Time (PDF)
This industry survey from Vision & Execution details our research covering ways companies manage their product development process today. We all recall that many standard business rules and processes seemed to be suspended at the height of the internet boom, and we know there was retrenchment afterwards. Our report includes primary research, noting pre-boom practices and then comparing practices prevalent towards the end of the Internet boom with more current, typically value oriented, practices.
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