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"It was a pleasure working with Patrina Mack of Vision& Execution as she helped us identify the key data needed for our market research and went the extra mile to ensure that complex data analysis was done thoroughly and accurately. The results provided relevant insights to our marketing objectives, helped us understand consumer demand resulting in a redesign of our product and identify our best target market."

Evan Foo
CEO, DreamAudio Lab

"We had the pleasure of working with Patrina and her team to prepare for a successful launch into the U.S. market. Vision & Execution provided not only a plan for us to succeed into the market, but also a good understanding of what we are up against, and where would be the best approach into the market. Even after our project, we still are provided with follow ups and advice as we continue to prepare to enter the market."

David Kwag
Assistant Manager, Fasoo

"Patrina and her extremely professional approach in working with technology companies, such as Streamtainment, has made the market entry process to the US much more effective. The personal connections provided and attention to details in all aspect of our business made this one of the most fruitful partnerships for our company."

Raido Pikkar
CEO, Streamtainment

"It was a great pleasure to work with Patrina Mack of Vision & Execution. She helped me clarify my vision for my company SportFort including identifying how I can scale the company globally. Additionally she helped me perfect my pitch and create a compelling investor presentation. Her professional and personal network enabled me to connect with potential customers and partners to aid me in understanding US market demand. It wasn't just the content and connections that made this experience so positive, it was also the process. I like to say, that a good teacher is not the one, who directly tells you what to do, but the one who tells you something that really makes you understand what to do by yourself. I highly recommend Patrina and her firm Vision & Execution."

Marat Gallyamov
CEO, SportFort

"I had the chance to work with Patrina of Vision & Execution for our U.S. market study. This project was very successful and Patrina has captured every element of our vision. We will soon be in Silicon Valley and we will use the services of Vision & Execution again without hesitation!!!"

Grégory Renard
Co-Founder - VP Innovation, xBrain

"We used Vision & Execution to "test the water" with our new image search and auto-tagging solution on US market with potential partners and future investors. I'm very much satisfied with the outcome – mostly because of strong strategic vision and hands-on execution by Patrina and her team! From competitive landscape analysis to preparing documents, introductions and practical recommendations on how to position and present ourselves – this was great value for money invested. Will keep using in future!"

Pavel Cherkashin
VP of Future Creation at Kuznech, Moscow, Russian Federation

"Patrina led our team through a one-day strategic planning exercise that provided significant clarity in prioritizing FIT Coalition activities. She skillfully engaged our team and aligned our views of how to move the organization forward to build the recognition we needed to deliver on our agenda for deploying comprehensive Feed-In Tariffs that will scale cost-effective renewable energy throughout the United States. The entire strategic planning activity spanned several weeks, and Patrina's disciplined yet flexible approach meshed well with the needs and budget of the FIT Coalition. The results have been tremendous."

Craig Lewis
Executive Director, FIT Coalition

"I had the pleasure of working with Patrina Mack in 2006 when I was managing the department for Cisco's global partnerships with the United Nations, US Agency for International Aid, and other NGOs. Patrina was hired to assist with several strategic initiatives within our group. She worked with my team to develop enhanced engagement models with our partners, broadening the reach of the important educational work we did throughout the developing world. I would highly recommend Patrina for any strategic planning effort. Given my knowledge of her character, her many skills, and her passion for seeing a job well done, I'm confident that whatever new projects Patrina takes on, she will be successful."

Kate Roberts
Sr. Manager-Strategic Partnerships, Cisco Systems, Corporate Affairs Department

"Patrina served as a Strategic Advisor to Project Negatherm, a California Energy Commission research project. She quickly came up to speed on technical issues and guided our efforts to understand the emerging green consumer mentality and the potential for ground source heat pump systems as a sustainable HVAC choice. As a result of Patrina's involvement, we identified critical factors impeding customer adoption and more importantly identified how we could overcome those objections through government and industry engagement. Her value to our team as the keeper of the strategic vision cannot be overestimated."

Dennis Murphy
CEO/Principal Investigator, GroundSource Geothermal/Project Negatherm

"Vision & Execution was instrumental in helping ISTC evaluate over 30 clean technology R&D projects for their commercial viability. After narrowing down the list to the top 7 technologies, Vision & Execution developed compelling market opportunity assessments to present to prospective corporate development partners. As result of this work, Vision & Execution identified corporate partners for each of these technologies and in some cases more than one interested party. In every case we gleaned more information about where the R&D projects could be successfully applied to provide guidance to the research teams."

Vladimir Urezchenko
Senior Program Manager, ISTC

"We hired Vision & Execution to help us gain a better understanding of recent changes to the marketplace and how Voxify could leverage those changes to drive higher sales with greater profit margin. Vision & Execution with its broad business and technical expertise was able to evaluate our current operations and assess where improvements in our product offering and product deployment process could be made. Additionally, they identified some key customer pain points we had not adequately addressed with our current offering that increased our traction in the marketplace. As a result of their recommendations, we were able to make significant changes to our application deployment pricing, while decreasing our development and hosting cost and at the same time providing total cost of ownership reductions to our customers."

Carol Snell
Chairman of the Board, Voxify

"Patrina Mack is an exceptionally capable marketing consultant and business strategist. She gets the details AND the big picture which is a very powerful combination and hard to find these days. She thinks for herself and will not simply provide "cookie-cutter" project feedback but rather high value/outside the box thinking that could be a big win for your business!"

Steve Harari
CEO, Transition CEO

"Vision & Execution played a critical role in the success of our U.S. Market Launch from identifying customer requirements to securing media and analyst support during launch."

Hagai Schaffer
CTO, Oblicore

"Vision & Execution guided our team through a proactive planning process to better articulate our product strategy and determine the resources necessary to execute this strategy. As a result we have secured the necessary funding to implement this new vision for our division as we complete our merger with Nuance."

Kevin Stone
VP Marketing
BeVocal (now Nuance)

"Patrina comes across as an humble expert that guided us to the best solution and approach for launching our Swedish Apple Brandy. Her methodology is efficient, fact-based and yet creative. I would recommend Vision &Execution for their pragmatic and professional approach to help clients."

Jan Rothman
Proprietor, Äppelbrännvin

"In a quick 2 hour mentoring session, Patrina helped us create a straightforward pitch for my start-up. She gave us great tips on how to present our technology in a crowded US category. She also advised us about how to test our product in the U.S. market."

Tanel Ainla
Founder, UtilityCamp

"Patrina Mack's understanding of services development and her skill in gathering customer requirements led to the creation of powerful consulting services programs like the NetIQ Service Offerings. Her efforts achieved our business goal of enabling our channel partners to increase revenues."

Drew Paik
Channel Marketing Manager, NetIQ

"Vision & Execution provided us with insightful input and valuable direction with respect to all aspects of our business model. They helped us to deeply analyze our strategic objectives which resulted in an expansion of our scope and a greatly refined marketing plan. Sereno Solar's investor presentation and business plan were significantly improved and polished as a result of their input and guidance."

Brad Stimson
CEO, Sereno Solar

"Vision & Execution was instrumental in positioning our US MedTrans medical transcription service business in the health care industry. They defined an overall go-to-market strategy with many excellent insights and practical recommendations, allowing us to quickly establish ourselves as a serious and competitive player in this market."

Dana Glatz
Founder, US MedTrans, Inc.

"Vision & Execution provided valuable business guidance, reworking our business plan and repositioning our service offering. The result was a very successful market launch and acquisition of needed funding."

Tina Lerche
CEO, EasySpeedy

"My biotech start-up company needed guidance in preparing the Executive Summary for presentation to VCs. We also needed VC contacts. Patrina was able to provide invaluable help on both accounts, by critically reviewing our writing as well as providing us with VC contacts which led to face-to-face meetings and further discussions."

Kate Marusina
Business Development, CellData

"Patrina Mack led our product marketing organization through a robust and proactive market definition phase as part of our new product development process. As a result, our industry and product marketing managers developed more specific and compelling requirements to drive prioritized funding and development to meet our revenue goals."

Neil Cavezza
Director, Product Portfolio and Program Management, Wind River

"Patrina played a key, strategic role in helping us make double digit, incremental revenue gains within Intuit's direct phone channel by developing and managing price and product combination testing and analysis."

Gina Ahern
Channel Management, Intuit

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