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Creating a Portfolio of Strategic Options, continued

What Does the Leadership Provide?

A basic premise of the strategic portfolio paper is that an agile business has considered the possibilities and is prepared with responses. Furthermore, everybody is on the same page. To this end, what does the leadership provide? These are part of a CEO's job description:

  • Lead the development of the vision and strategy.
  • Recognize and point out the long-term implications of decisions.
  • Anticipate and plan for future events, trends, problems, and opportunities to achieve the vision through employees.
  • Work with employees to ensure they understand the strategic direction of the company. Help them define for themselves and for their work groups the appropriate objectives, accountabilities, and actions.
  • Track the internal environment to ensure that their current focus is in line with the changing conditions and directions of the company.
  • Recognize and prepare for anticipated or potential long-term business opportunities, both internal and external.
  • Monitor the emerging environment specifically within the company and the target industry or industries in general. Anticipate organizational opportunities by designing solutions to current problems in ways that also address projected long-term objectives.
  • Partner with outside agencies to find new solutions for the company by networking with others.
  • Work with staff to develop policies that provide vision and flexibility for local needs.

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