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Go-To-Market Plan and Implementation for
Healthcare Industry Service Provider

Developed market penetration strategy for highly fragmented but rapidly consolidating industry sector

The Challenge:

A small but well established software consulting firm with a local presence had entered the highly fragmented medical transcription services business with a new HIPAA compliant internet enabled product. It needed to evaluate the competitiveness of its offering, build value by demonstrating credibility and differentiation in a commodity environment, and establish a strong brand image to support a national launch.

The Solution:

Vision & Execution analyzed the competitive landscape and major industry trends affecting their service offering. The research included HIPAA compliance regulations, varying pricing models, emerging technologies such as voice recognition, and general healthcare industry trends in electronic medical records. Our customer research identified key opportunities for a successful product launch. Vision & Execution then developed the marketing strategy and delivered a pragmatic, cost-effective go-to-market plan to compete successfully against the few large entrenched players and the myriad of mom and pop shops.

Vision & Execution was then retained to apply our customer and competitive insights to a product road map to ensure the client achieved a competitive solution. We were also retained to redesign their website and messaging, emphasizing their new approach to service, pricing and quality, and ensure the website was search engine optimized. We also developed two white papers for sales support and website based lead generation reinforcing the new messaging.

The Benefits:

The company gained a professional, competitive brand image for their website that focused on critical customer benefits differentiating their service from the leading competitors. This differentiated messaged enabled the client to fill a market place gap and refocus its sales approach. The new web site and white papers provided consistent messaging and helped establish their credibility in support of a national launch.
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