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Optimized Phone Channel for Financial Software Company

Guided organization of new team to test and launch bundled offers to phone channel

The Challenge:

A leading financial software company had extensively expanded its product line. As a result the company wanted to optimize the phone channel to increase overall sales of the full product line while at the same time enhancing the customer experience. Issues included revenue recognition across business units when products and services were bundled together and ensuring that customers were not inundated with irrelevant offers.

The Solution:

Vision & Execution identified communication and process issues that were impeding broad-based company acceptance of test designs and results. We created a robust financial model that measured incremental revenue and contribution margin for each business unit and the company. This was critical to ensuring business unit acceptance of each offer, highlighting if an offer helped the overall business at the expense of any individual business unit.

As another part of our task to set up and manage a new test environment evaluating bundled offers prior to launch, Vision & Execution refined test criteria and implemented processes to ensure timely testing of only the highest priority opportunities to maximize revenue recognition impact.

Vision & Execution also developed a standard reporting template, incorporating quantitative financial findings with qualitative marketing insights. The template enhanced sales messages at launch and provided guidance to product management about key features and benefits.

The Benefits:

Vision & Execution provided critical direction and helped enable a robust testing environment that identified the highest incremental revenue opportunities from various promotional offers, increasing revenue by over $10 million in 12 months.
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