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Applied New Service Development Best Practices To Division Of A Global Manufacturer

Facilitated change management to turn philanthropic division into business oriented product development organization.

The Challenge:

The organization responsible for the client's non-profit training curriculum and program development had exploded from a U.S. high school only program to having a presence in over 160 countries in both high schools and universities. The curriculum had evolved piecemeal to meet its fast-paced growth curve. Management wanted to leverage the need to update the curriculum with a process and platform strategy that would make maintaining the curriculum more cost effective and responsive to technology changes. It also needed to support multiple customer segments based on educational levels and geographic disparities with regard to electricity and information technology equipment and services. Lastly, the platform needed to support the technology and process to outsource curriculum translation to local institutions while maintaining content integrity as well as its instructional innovations.

The Solution:

Vision & Execution helped design a new organizational structure inserting the use of product managers to guide market based decisions about curriculum design and content. We mentored the entire team to adopt industry best practices for service oriented products – in this case training. We guided the organization to become customer driven through the use of customer research throughout the product development process as well as leverage existing internal competitive analysis resources for this division. We introduced an end-of-life strategy for the curriculum based on new learning platform tools and internal processes to maintain the currency of the content.

The Benefits:

The client cut the time to market for new curriculum in half and increased the frequency of updates. The application of product development industry best practices increased the efficiency of the educational staff. Moreover the new process reduced the cost of translating the curriculum into over 30 languages to serve nearly 160 countries by sharing the cost with its customer base.
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