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Created a CleanTech Open Innovation channel to US Corporate Partners

Identified potential US Corporate Acquirers for compelling CleanTech R&D projects.

The Challenge:

A Moscow based non-government organization (NGO) was tasked with commercializing nearly 80 technologies in its innovative technologies database. These R&D projects had been funded through an international organization targeting former Soviet Union weapons scientists. The scientists lacked the business and commercialization skill sets to bring these potential new technologies to market. The NGO wanted to identify which research projects represented sizable market opportunities worthy of further investment.

The Solution:

Vision & Execution focused on the 30+ research projects that addressed the CleanTech industry. These were primarily solar, water, waste, nuclear and materials science. We reframed the military technology into commercial opportunities. We created brief introductions about the technology relevant to the new target markets. We identified potential corporate partners and presented these innovations for further inquiry.

The Benefits:

The NGO received a short list of the most commercially viable technologies. The organization was able to advance acquisition negotiations for several of the research projects as a result our innovation partnering. One of the projects is in pilot testing with a strong likelihood of acquisition.
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