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Increased Demand And Shortened Sales Cycle For Automated Speech Vendor

Audited product, operational, marketing and sales strategies to identify and remove roadblocks to meeting sales forecasts and other major milestones.

The Challenge:

The client had successfully validated its business and product strategy by having a fully referencable installed based of satisfied customers. Yet the sales were not ramping according to plan. The company had formed theories about what was stalling sales growth and wanted to validate their assumptions. Additionally, the company wanted to assess if they were leaving money on the table and could they increase the price of their services without further impacting sales. At the same time competition was increasing and the client wanted to ensure they remained differentiated in a crowded market.

The Solution:

Vision & Execution conducted a full audit of the client's marketing, product, operational and sales strategies and implementation of those strategies to identify if disconnects with market requirements existed. This audit explored not only their existing customer segments but also new segments they hoped to penetrate in the next 12 months. As part of the audit we also tested pricing to determine if prices could be increased.

The Benefits:

Vision & Execution pinpointed opportunities for improvement across all aspects of the business model and operational delivery. While each of the issues individually could be considered minor, taken as a whole they were sufficient to impede success. As a result of our recommendations, the client was able to increases price, increase customer engagement and ownership of the solution reducing deferred engineering costs incurred by the professional services group, and get on track to meet forecasted sales goals.
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