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Achieving success sometimes means creating dynamic partnerships that provide a tangible business and market advantage for our clients. Vision & Execution partners as needed with a select group of experts leveraging their knowledge and expertise to ensure your success. From developing VC proof financial models to finding early customers, Vision & Execution will provide your team with tangible advantages and streamline your route to market.

Monta Vista Finance
You Have a Vision for Your Company - Our Job Is to Help You Get There

Monta Vista Finance Seasoned financial expertise is key to the long-term success of any business; this is especially true for early-stage companies and those looking to expand into new markets. Monta Vista Finance understands the nuances of structuring solid business processes and financial models to support a company's growth and to lay the ground work for raising capital. Their unique CFO-level proficiency, personal integrity and respect for your business will help guide you through your most difficult challenges. Adept at relationship-building in dynamic situations, Monta Vista Finance brings clarity, integrity, and key industry insights to each of their clients, along with extensive hands-on experience and cultural insights gained from working with strategic partners, suppliers, and subsidiaries around the world. Monta Vista Finance's deep financial expertise complements EngagePoint's understanding of market optimization to provide you with a clear path to achieving your vision.

Build momentum and get results

EngagePoint NATASHA KURTOVA, FOUNDER of EngagePoint lends her expertise as a strategic partner to Vision & Execution in addressing the challenges faced by European early stage companies entering the US market. With industry expertise spanning consumer products, financial services, web applications and telecommunications, Natasha effortlessly navigates the cultural differences, and business norms our European clients experience. Her understanding of these differences enables them to execute with greater ease on new US commercialization strategies. Her deep understanding of Silicon Valley, the connections she has made and reputation she has built provide the basis for establishing key strategic alliances and joint ventures that provide them with an important strategic advantage.

Natasha holds an MA with high honors in Journalism from Moscow State University. In 1990, she participated in the John Knight Fellowship program for journalists at Stanford University. Subsequently she earned an MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business with an emphasis on Strategic Marketing. She is currently a mentor at US Market Access where she sits on start-up evaluation panels and coaches at boot camps. She is a certified Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship FastTrac instructor, and teaches the TechVenture and GrowthVenture courses to foreign entrepreneurs. In addition to English, Natasha speaks and writes fluently in Russian and French.

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