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Innovation Management

Infuse new life into your current product portfolio and discover new innovation resources. Vision & Execution connects your product direction with your corporate strategy and customer demand. We help you prioritize resources, balance risk versus reward, and identify opportunities for streamlining and reducing portfolio complexity. We formulate strategy to help you maximize revenue and profitability.

How we help you solve Innovation Management challenges:

  • Develop strategies to rejuvenate product revenues through enhancements or adjacencies
  • Plan product portfolio for transition to next generation products
  • Identify organizational change and/or process improvements to enhance product development processes
  • Leverage external innovation sources through labs, crowdsourcing and other open innovation resources
  • Expand your agile process to product management and business planning

Our services

  • Product Portfolio Optimization
  • Agile Business & Product Planning
  • Technology Platform Planning
  • Open Innovation Programs
  • Platform and Feature Roadmaps
  • Product Line/Product Family Extensions

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Innovation Management
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