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Technology Commercialization

Align your innovation with the greatest market potential to make inspired business choices. Vision & Execution identifies what drives customer purchase behavior. This arms you with the knowledge to make your scientific discovery or newly envisioned product succeed in the marketplace. We work with you to create a sustainable technology roadmap aligned with your vision to establish your company and grow market share.

How we help you solve Technology Commercialization challenges:

  • Ensure your target market is large enough to justify pursuing
  • Identify real, often unstated, customer needs your technology can address
  • Determine the solutions customers want and at what price points
  • Design products that are easy to sell and support
  • Identify the optimal organization for launching your business

Our services

  • Market Opportunity Validation
  • Business Plan Audits
  • Go-to-Market Plans
  • Commercialization Readiness Assessment
  • Go-to-Market Program Execution

Technology Commercialization
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